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Reclaim Whitening Revenue

Take Back Teeth Whitening with TheraSmile®

TheraSmile® by Mavrik Dental Systems®

TheraSmile® by Mavrik Dental Systems®

Demand for teeth whitening has never been greater, but many practices and patients are dissatisfied with their treatment options, discouraged by discomfort and lackluster—or short-lived—results.

With TheraSmile® Whitening, Mavrik has created a new category of teeth whitening that’s delivering the results people want—with a comfortable treatment experience they deserve.

For Your Practice and Patients

TheraSmile® Whitening Automation

TheraSmile® Whitening employs high-volume dynamic fluid delivery with the efficiency of automation, distributing approximately 50 times the whitening fluids as competitors. The hydrating environment of the TheraSmile Whitening mouthpiece prevents dehydration to maintain patient comfort while providing 360-degree coverage* for immediate, spectacular results.

Designed to deliver a trouble-free treatment, the TheraSmile system offers opportunities for increased productivity and practice efficiency. Coupled with word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied patients, TheraSmile can generate a revenue stream that supports the growth of your practice—and returns teeth-whitening revenue to the professionals.

Make Your Technology Work Harder for You

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Take Back Teeth Whitening with TheraSmile®

Increase Productivity and Profitability

The TheraSmile Whitening Mouthpiece with ioWave Technology

Efficiency through automation with TheraSmile Whitening can significantly increase your practice’s capacity. Standard in-office teeth whitening treatments can be labor intensive, requiring repeated manual gel removal and reapplication. Powered by ioWave™ technology, the TheraSmile Whitening mouthpiece delivers a fully automated teeth whitening treatment, providing 360-degree surface coverage* with six cycles of dynamic, high-volume activated whitening fluids.

Want TheraSmile Whitening for Your Practice?

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